About WCM

We look forward to working with you

Winning Circle marketing is about creating a winning circle through a solid marketing platform.

WCM is designed with the knowledge, experience and awareness of the massive industry we call travel and tourism.

The Team Behind the Circle

Ava White is a travel professional for over 12 years, IATAN earner, and wife of one husband. Yes, she has a sense of humor. As the founder of Winning Circle she also bring over 20 years of working with women in the health industry, A love for people and success is the basis for birthing Winning Circle Marketing.

Carissa Sanchez is a social media coach , marketing and travel professional. Carissa's love for Vloging is contagious. Check her out on YouTube.

What we do

Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Travel Á Tourism Training

Winning Circle University is designed to take you further than the traditional Travel 101. The intent is to saturate you with training to support you in multiple streams of income within your travel business. Yes, we are raising the bar. Get started today.

Finding your Niche

Wait! If you are just starting out in the travel industry this can wait. If you are a seasoned travel professional you know to follow your passion. Your marketing strategy will allow you to play to your passion and ultimately finding your niche.


Build your brand. Networking, Marketing and Consistency are the three areas we will model. Opportunities for all three will be provided.

Social Media importance

Show me a business without social media today that's thriving? Not many. But, a successful social media marketing strategy it more than postings and likes. One of the resources we will use is "Get Clients Now" by C.J. Hayden and Kristen Carey. Together with the Winning Circle Team you will build an amazing marketing strategy. We only ask that you get started immediately.

Monthly Book Buzz

The buzz will be brought you by Your Travel Girl aka Cheryl Sanford. Lady Cheryl is a travel guru for over 5 years, accounting professional, mother and prolific reader. Each month under her guidance we will read together some of the best books for a business owner.